Cooldown Ventures acquires Vexed Gaming

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  Vexed Gaming announced yesterday that they have been acquired by Cooldown Ventures.

  Cooldown 必发88官网 Ventures purchased Hong Kong-based company WeGotGame. As part of the deal, Cooldown Ventures will take immediate ownership of Vexed Gaming and French organisation eFrog.

  Cooldown plan on introducing a range of products and services with the aim of making esports more professional, reasonable and equitable for all participants.

  "As 必发88官网 esports moves into its next phase of evolution, we believe now is the time to instigate the principals that will make esports an even more thriving and exciting environment. To achieve this, a renewed look at how the community evolves, structures and engages is essential. At Cooldown Ventures our combination of knowledge in traditional entertainment and technology industries along with a deep engagement with esports provides us the tools and creative thinking needed at this particular moment in esports history.”

  Pei-Zhi, Co-director and CEO of Cooldown Ventures

  Cooldown view Vexed Gaming with such promise. Pei Zhi states Vexed is an organisation with a wealth of esports knowledge and experience they could not turn down.

  Cooldown Ventures will retain Vexed's Mark Weller as their Chief Gaming Officer. 必发88 Mark has the responsibility for their teams and outsourced team solutions.

  The senior leadership is now completed with the appointment of Sonny Waheed. Sonny will take responsibility for marketing.

  Cooldown Ventures will operate out of Vexed's offices in Manchester.

  This is a good sign for UK esports. Vexed are one of the UK scene's top organisations and representatives.

  In March, Mark Weller played a big role in the keynote presentation for ESI Manchester.

  They also announced their new CSGO roster recently, who is currently in the top 3 teams for the ESL Premiership.

  With such news, Vexed Gaming has a great opportunity to be a leading figure in the UK scene.

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